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Tonight you may notice something different about the show. That’s right. I’m talking to myself again. Tony is on sabbatical while he purchases a new mixer after last week’s liquid versus electronics incident. Clearly the mixer lost and now he’s sitting it out until he can get another one. He swears it’ll be next week, so you’ve got that to look forward to!

On the first half of the show, we welcome back a great friend of the show. We talk to him about his roles on television in Rescue Me and Nurse Jackie, the future of Top Gear, his touring schedule, his fans and his beautiful wife and how he’s corrupted her. Go see our pal this Friday at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre, PA and next weekend at Governor’s on Long Island!  He’s also got a new thing he’s doing on Facebook called “Talk To Me Tuesdays”!  Go check that out every Tuesday night at 9pm ET/6pm PT on Facebook as well!

Follow him on Twitter: @AdamFerrara and check out his website for tix and tour dates:



On the second half of the show, we welcome what I found out right before the show, is a friend of a very, very close friend. She’s a super sexy lady who is a Philly area girl who is making her NYC dancing debut tomorrow night at Headquarters in NYC!  Go see her as part of Lainie Speiser’s bachelorette party at Headquarters Gentleman’s Club in New York City on Thursday, Sept 15th!  Tonight we talk about fetishes, burlesque dancing, growing up in the Philly area, and of course, thanks to Liz, we talk about crazy Puerto Ricans.

Check her out on Twitter: @QueenOfAsses and her Instagram: @LorettaVendetta


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