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On this week’s cavalcade of comedic errors, right from the get go, Skype decides to shit the bed which starts off the show in a firey ball of flame. We recover by having Tony call into the show as a guest and power through.

You’ve seen our first guest Colin in the movie “The Wedding Ringer” with Kevin Hart and Josh Gad and he’s got a rabid following of fans who follow him all over the country. Unfortunately, I think our audio issues threw us through a loop and gave us a less than stellar chance to talk to Colin, which we apologize for.

Colin will be doing 5 shows this weekend at Helium Comedy Club in Philly, starting with tomorrow, Thursday 3/9 at 8:00pm, Friday and Saturday 7:30pm and 10:00pm.  If you’d like to go see him, go to or call 215-496-9001

You can also follow Colin on Twitter @ColinKane. Also, go check out his website for more tour dates.


Then on the 2nd half of the show, we chat with our good pal the “Library Girl” and new Vixen “Angel” of the Year, Kendra Sunderland! She’s been named the first Vixen “Angel” and then was named the first Vixen “Angel of the Year”. She’s a contract girl with them now, and she’s just recently been immortalized in the form of a Fleshlight!  We give our fans (and more importantly, hardcore Kendra fans) a chance to win one of her Kendra “Angel” Fleshlights tonight on the show!

If you’d like to win one, listen to the interview and pay attention to how we tell you how you can win one! Maybe you’ll get lucky and get the right answer! Tweet us @TheRadioFreaks and let us know the answer!

Check out Kendra’s Instagram: @TheRealKendraSunderland , and her Twitter: @KSLibraryGirl


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