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Well, another week has come upon us (insert ejaculation jokes here) and it’s time again for another edition of The Radio Freaks!

On tonight’s abomination, we were joined by the Ghost of Guests Past…..

That’s right, none other than friend of the show and very funny comedian, Robert Kelly!

Robert joined us on tonight’s show to plug his upcoming gigs at The Stress Factory in New Jersey this weekend, as well as shooting the shit with us and our callers about addiction, the comedy scene, his favorite clubs, and the untimely passing of comedian and friend, Greg Giraldo.

To see Robert this weekend at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ, call 732-545-HAHA or visit to get tickets!

Also visit Robert’s website for more info and dates on where he’ll be next!

You can listen to the replay below and join us at or at 9pm ET every Wednesday night for the show!

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Check out the show tonight! Among other things, we’ll be discussing:
  • We talk about an old friend joining us as 3rd mic for a few shows starting next week!
  • We unveil our first promo….YECH!!!
  • Animal porn vs. Enema Porn
  • Norton Internet Security 2011’s terrible commercial with “The Hoff”
  • The age old debate between Mac vs. PC
  • A bomb threat at the Eiffel Tower
  • Creepy stalkers working at Google
  • 007’s Aston Martin goes up for auction
  • USAF investing in Batman technology
  • Could teenagers be the next renewable energy source??
Listen to the show on Wednesdays at 9pm ET LIVE at!!

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To the 343 of my brothers and sisters who selflessly gave of their own lives to rescue others on this day 9 years ago, words cannot express how much you are still missed. You brought a country divided together by your actions of heroism and selflessness and represented the epitome of what everyone in the Fire and EMS family strive to be.  Despite the fact that many of the flags and patriotism have faded from that fateful day where unity brought the USA all together as one, you and your actions will always live on in the hearts and minds of the brothers and sisters in service you left behind that day. Thank you from the bottom of our sorrowful hearts. We will always remember.

Note – For those of you who are unaware, I am an EMT in both NJ (since 2000) and PA (since 2006), as well as an EMT Instructor in PA, currently working as a dispatcher for a private ambulance company.

On this week’s compilation of shit:

We bring free speech to our chatroom, which was previously censored thanks to UStream

John doesn’t trust his co-workers when there’s alcohol involved

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On tonight’s misanthropic tales:
  • Bruce Campbell to appear at the NY ComicCon
  • Problems with the UStream viewer on our webpage (
  • Brian has the chicken pox for the 2nd time in his life
  • Opie and Anthony Show to play “Listener Request Worst Of” Show on vacation
  • John finalizes his vacation plans for Disney/Universal with the help of the HippoJuice folks
  • James J. Lee takes hostages at The Discovery Channel Headquarters
  • Brian has a flashback to his EP days for NoFate & Razor while trying to play a video
  • 2 year old survives stare down with Bengal Tiger at Miami animal park
  • Attacker walks up and throws acid in girl’s face in Oregon
  • Tow truck driver in California charged with hit and run murder of toddlers in a stroller
  • Man sparks 25 acre golf course blaze by hitting his golf club on a rock in the rough

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We weren’t live this week, but we did tape a new disaster for your listening enjoyment:

  • John’s attends the “Beer Olympics”
  • Brian’s sister gets married and becomes Joannie from “Happy Days”
  • Congratulations to our pals Dave Harris and Heather Height on their recent nuptials
  • Discussing the best days to fly for his vacation to Florida
  • Freedom of speech in the media questioned as Dr. Laura drops the N-Bomb on her show several times
  • We play the “Bubbles Perv” video going viral on the web

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On tonight’s abomination:

  • Black toddler gets hooked on pressure washing
  • 12 year old calls 911 on her mother for drunk driving
  • Driving a boat through crocs on a feeding frenzy….and other ways to die foolishly
  • and
  • A new way to catch illegals may be coming to NYC soon!

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The Radio Freaks REVOLUTION begins July 21st, 2010!!

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