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On tonight’s show the band is back together but we’re

still making the same mediocre music! Like it or not, here’s

another track off the album of The Radio Freaks!

Our first guest comes back to the show again because

she’ll be performing this weekend at Helium Comedy Club in Philly

all weekend long! Go see her, and bring her some Pope-a-palooza stuff

so she has Christmas presents for her family!

Follow her on Twitter at (@TammyPescatelli) and check out her website:


Then on the second half of the show, welcome back one of

the hottest geek girls we know! She’s the 2013 Penthouse Pet of the Year

Runner Up, and she’ll be with Capri Anderson and Brett Rossi for the

Headquarters Christmas Party at Headquarters Gentleman’s Club

in NYC next Thursday, December 17th! for more information!

Follow her on Twitter at (@RealAngSommers) and check out her website:


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