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This week we give you what you want from us!

Listenable banter between a twink in his twenties and

a hetero man twice his age? No, it’s still not listenable.

But we do bring you two great interviews!

The first one is with our good pal who will be

at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club this weekend.

We also talked to him about his one man show

that Brian had the privilege of seeing in person.

It’s now being released after two years on the shelf

and it’s available for pre-order now if you want to see

one of the most heart wrenching, honest shows from

a brutally funny comic ever, in my opinion.

Check out his website: and follow him on Twitter: @MrJimFlorentine


Then we talk to the sexy Polish Porn Princess

who will be going solo for the first time on stage

at HQNYC tomorrow night! Go check her out!

Somehow she’s involved in one of the hottest

love triangles on the planet with her husband

Sidney and Rebel Lynn.

Check out her website: and follow him on Twitter: @NatashaStar69


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