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It’s that time of year again… that’s right, it’s time for us to look back on all the cool interviews we’ve done with equally cool and interesting people, and cram as much as we can, into The Radio Freaks “Best Of 2016”! But as usual, there was so much cool stuff, that we couldn’t fit it all into one show so this is Part 1!

This year we had visits from:

  • Comedian/actor/director John McKeever from Comedy Central’s new show “DelCo Proper”
  • Our good pal comedian Rich Vos from the “My Wife Hates Me” podcast on
  • From CBS’s hit show “Two Broke Girls”, Oleg himself, comedian Jonathan Kite stopped by
  • One of the hardest working comedy club owners in the business, Vinnie Brand from the world famous “Stress Factory Comedy Club” in New Brunswick, NJ
  • The sexy adult film star Mia Vallis psychoanalyzed Tony’s mommy issues, the stunning Skin Diamond stopped by to tell us about her new singing career
  • Model and MILF, Madison Leigh reminisced with Brian about living in New Jersey and modelling
  • The always hilarious and good friend of the show, comedian and actor Adam Ferrara caught us up on Top Gear
  • And we finished it up with the legend himself, Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling who spent almost 20 years on The Howard Stern Show on terrestrial radio

and this is just PART 1!!!! Can you imagine the guests we have for Part 2?!?!  If you have a suggestion for who we should include in “The Best of 2016” – Part 2, send us an email at and let us know!



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This week on the show, we have

“interviews with guests, comedians and

maybe even unwarranted opinions

about this kooky election!” Listen

to the show to figure out why I put worded

it that way and put that in quotes.

On the show tonight, we talk to a man

who must have the largest lung capacity

of any other human being, including

Michael Phelps.  He talks and talks

and talks, and while it’s hard to

get a word in edgewise, he’s a

very funny guy who is very talented

and wears many hats in the entertainment

industry; adult star, producer, publicist, comedian and

radio talk show host.  He’s going to be performing

comedy on of the Hardcore Comedy Show

as part of one of the official after parties

for the Exxxotica convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Check out his show “Inside The Industry”: Follow him on Twitter: @JamesBartholet


Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

Or save the audio to your computer by “Right Click, Save As” on this link!

Tonight’s show is jam packed!

We’ve really got a full show

tonight where we’re not only

going over time, but we have not one,

not two, but three great guests for your

listening pleasure!  Our first guest can be

heard each week on “The Conte and Kenny Show

and also on “The Rev Bob Levy Show“.

He’s a great friend of ours who genuinely

makes us laugh every time we talk

to him, and you can see him

this Saturday, Aug 13th at the

Atlantic City Comedy Club in Atlantic City, NJ

Check out his website: Follow him on Twitter: @BigJayOakerson


Then on the show,

we catch our next guest as she’s

getting ready to head in and teach

a hot yoga class in Vegas,

but we talk to her about her new

video “White Booty Worship”!

You can catch her at Sapphire’s

in New York City in December!

Check out her on Twitter: @RichelleRyan and Instagram: @RichelleRyan

and on Snapchat: @RichelleRyan


And finally, we finish

up the show with our

good pal who will be at Helium

Comedy Club in Philadelphia for 6 shows!

We talk about comedy, hosting radio show,

coming up with other comics, and advice

from the great Patrice O’Neal!

You can catch his one hour special

Live at Webster Hall on or iTunes

where you can get almost 20 more minutes

of bonus material! Go check it out!

Check out his website:  him on Twitter: @BigJayOakerson


Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

Or save the audio to your computer by “Right Click, Save As” on this link!


“NoFate” John

Danica Dillon

Alexa Aimes


These are the people that have helped me build a show that turned out

as a hobby, and has become something that has turned into a weekly

obsession for many, many people besides me.

Weekly it amazes me that we have listeners all over the world that

truly enjoy what we do and listen to us every week!

We do this for you and we are proud to put it out every week for you!

Our first guest has been an integral part of our success from

the day one. He was our first guest on episode #5 and #6,

and has been a regular on the show ever since!

You can see him on FX’s “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” and

he’s the host of the “YKWD Podcast” on!

You can see him this weekend at the Kingsport Renaissance Center in Kingsport, TN

as part of ETN Comedy this Saturday, April 23rd! For more info or tickets go to

Check out his website: and follow him on Twitter: @RobertKelly


On the second half of the show,

he’s spent years on The Howard Stern Show as 3rd mic

and head writer on the show.  He’s an encyclopedic genius of all

things comedy and often will show off his comedy knowledge and prowess

to impress people in bars, or on a radio show with his “Stump The Joke Man”

bit.  You can see him in Vegas this weekend as part of the

“iHeart Radio 24/7 Comedy Fest” at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV

this Saturday, April 23rd! Go see him, Billy Gardell, Frank Caliendo and Bobby Slayton!

Sign up for his joke list at or go to

and follow him on Twitter @JackieMartling for your daily joke at 4:20pm!


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Radio Freaks #62 – Penthouse Pet Sabrina Maree and The Return of Mitch Fatel

Posted: February 2, 2012 in RadioFreakcasts
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Tonight, Chuck Woolery has nothing on us!

We try and make a loooooove connection between our two guests tonight…

Ok, well maybe not a love connection…

More like some hot and heavy petting action.

Our first guest, is a very funny guy who proudly touts the benefits of swinging with his beautiful fiancee’ Jessica…


We talk to Mitch about his standup, being a former Howard Stern intern and then returning to the show as a guest, his sexy swinging love life, and we even get to talk to his beautiful fiancee, Jessica!  We also get a special request from Mitch and Jessica to try and put in good words for them with our second guest, the sexy Penthouse Pet, Sabrina Maree!

Mitch is performing this weekend The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ. Mitch will be doing 5 shows:

Thursday, Feb 2nd – 8pm
Friday, Feb 3rd – 8:00pm & 10:30pm
Saturday, Feb 4th – 8:00pm & 10:30pm

Go to or call 732-545-HAHA for tickets!!

Check out Mitch’s website:

Follow Mitch on Twitter –

and “LIKE” his radio show’s Facebook page (especially if you’re a hot bi-sexual chick):


After we talk to Mitch, and before we take a break, our old pal Doctor Steve takes a minute to rip on us about our voicemail greeting on the studio line.

He leaves us a voicemail and we play it on air.

After the break, in the 2nd half, we bring you a very sexy ginger who happens to be the December 2010 Penthouse Pet of the Month…


We start off the interview trying to feel out Sabrina for Mitch and Jessica which didn’t seem to go in their favor since she really is only interested in girls when she’s working with them on film.

We talk to her about her extensive experience in the adult industry with Twisty’s, Penthouse, Fleshlight, Playboy and also her winning the Howard Stern Pet Pageant in 2011.

You can pick up her DVD from Smash Pictures, called “Finger Lickin’ Girlfriends” NOW at and when you do, enter discount code “FREAKS” and get 25% off your ENTIRE ORDER, not just the DVD!  Also keep your eyes peeled at the Penthouse Store for Sabrina’s pussy mold coming soon!

Follow Sabrina on Twitter:

Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

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