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Hope your holidays went well. Our gift to you this holiday season, The Radio Freaks – Best of 2016 – Part 2! That’s right, the gift so nice, we’re giving it to you twice! Who might you ask, made the cut for Part 2? All the cool guests who didn’t make it into Part 1! Actually, that’s not true. We had so many cool guests this year, we couldn’t possibly fit everyone into a “best of” unless we rebroadcast clips from every episode, and that would take several “best ofs” and would lessen the impact of some of the more epic interviews we did!

Part 2 includes great interviews with:

  • Our new friend Mary Radzinski made her 2nd appearance on the show to promote her headlining gig at Helium
  • Brian reveals to Chanel Preston that she was a part of a great time he had in Las Vegas, but she doesn’t know it
  • We talk Deadpool and celebrities on social media with the awesome, Brian Posehn
  • Samantha Saint talks with us about securing your intellectual property when you get into the adult industry
  • Our pal Lainie Speiser celebrates her 25th anniversary in the adult industry and real issues for porn stars
  • Layton Benton recalls a memory that she shares with Brian that will forever tie them to Queens, New York
  • We discuss binge watching televison shows with the very funny Dan Soder who returned again this year
  • Our old pal Robert Kelly surprised us and had his costar Elaine Hendrix in the car with him for his interview
  • The legend of the inappropriate comedy himself, Gilbert Gottfried had us in stitches the entire time!

Can you believe all this happened this year?! We can’t either! But it’s all wrapped up in a package just for you! We even put a bow on it!



Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

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Tonight, will go down in the books as one of the greats because we had such great guests tonight!  First off, we had no tech difficulties so there’s that, but what a night not to have any problems!! Our first guest is a legend in comedy, and is famous for many things in his career, the voice of Iago in the Disney classic “Aladdin”, Comedy Central Roasts, The Tonight Show, the movie “Problem Child”, and on, and on, and on…. When he’s not performing, he’s doing his own podcast with Frank Santopadre called “Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast” which you can get on iTunes, where he talks about the yesteryear of Hollywood and show business.

This weekend he’ll be headlining Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia for 5 shows, and you’d be remiss if you didn’t run, don’t walk, to go see him! You’ll laugh your ass off quite literally at the man who made the 1st joke after 9/11 and showed us it was alright to laugh again to help heal ourselves! He’s a true legend in the industry and we were lucky enough to spend some time talking to him tonight!

Check out Gilbert’s website: and follow him on Twitter: @RealGilbert



Then on the second half, we bring you a preview of Exxxotica by talking to the international transgendered adult film star who has been nominated for 2 AVN awards and an XBiz award and has traveled the world. She was born in San Diego, transitioned at 19 years old, and has lived the last few years in Barcelona, Spain before returning to NYC recently. She’ll be at Exxxotica this weekend meeting and greeting with her fans as well as her coworkers! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet this beautiful transgendered, mixed race beauty.

Check out Natassia’s website: and follow him on Twitter: @NatassiaDreamsX


Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

Or save the audio to your computer by “Right Click, Save As” on this link!