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Radio Freaks #48 – Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci & How We Got Kicked Off UStream

Posted: September 26, 2011 in RadioFreakcasts
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This show was a rough one.

It’s chock full of firsts that might never be repeated.

First off, we’re broadcasting on a Sunday because we’re in our off weeks due to my schedule.

Secondly, we’re broadcasting at an earlier time of 7pm instead of our normal 9pm. (I thought this would get us more listeners that might have to go to work on Monday)

Thirdly, we got ourselves suspended or banned from our UStream live streaming account for being offensive and “shocking”.

Well, I guess we won’t be doing THAT again… NOT!!

During a discussion about Asian practices and customs (yeah I know, we didn’t think we’d ever be so cultured either) we discussed the Asian practice of “foot binding” their women.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a picture…

The following is a quote on “foot binding” from

” When girls were around five years old, their mothers would begin binding their feet.  This would involve soaking the foot in hot water, massaging it, and then using ten-foot long reams of tape to curl the girl’s second, third, fourth and fifth toes backwards and under their foot with the tape wrapped tightly around the heel.  Screams and tears by the child were inevitable, especially that first day.

 Foot binding did leave the big toe remained unbound, so the girl could still walk—albeit awkwardly.  Eventually, the girl would learn to bind her foot herself.  The binding would continue into the teenage years, gradually pulling the toes and heel closer together, creating a severely bowed foot.  The goal was to create what was termed the golden three-inch “Lotus Foot”

Sadly, this would leave the woman severely crippled.  The woman would have to take great care of her foot, making certain to keep the nails trimmed and washing the foot daily, as it was prone to infection, gangrene and amputation.”

Sounds fucked up right?  That’s what we thought too!

This lead to other fucked up things about Asian culture, specifically hentai porn.

What?  You don’t know what that is either?  Allow us to illustrate…

This is a tame example of hentai, lest we be banned from WordPress as well.

We were commenting on how we don’t understand how people can “get off” to stuff like this.

Generally hentai porn usually depicts “helpless” females being ritualistically and brutally raped by giant tentacled monsters!

Let me repeat that again in case you missed it…

Generally hentai porn usually depicts “helpless” females being ritualistically and brutally raped by giant tentacled monsters!

We don’t understand this at all.  We were commenting on how weird it is and used it as an example of how hentai porn is just one more thing about Asian culture we don’t get.

About this time, someone named “HighlightsbyLakeisha” (presumably a monitor or moderator of some kind from UStream) came into the chat room and told us to cease and desist from streaming any more hentai on the UStream service.  This we would come to find out, is a violation of their Terms Of Service Agreement.

For those of you who don’t know, when John and I do the show, we utilize Skype to have an audio conference call, which is then broadcast by me over UStream and also recorded to an audio file by me, here in the Philadelphia area studio.  This affords John to broadcast from his studio in Brooklyn, NY and I from the Philadelphia, PA studio and not have to travel to a mutually equidistant location each week to do a broadcast.

I utilize dual 22″ LCD computer monitors to give me enough room to try and run all the programs I need to run in order to produce the show.

This STILL doesn’t give me enough room to see EVERYTHING, all the time.  When this person came into the chat room to warn us, I didn’t see this person in the chat room warning us.

We continued the conversation about Asian atrocities, which lead to a picture of some boobs I had seen on Twitter the night before.  They were not impressive to me other than the large nipples they were sporting.  I’m a fan of big nipples.  These breasts coincidentally belonged to an Asian woman who happens to be married to one of our listeners.

I posted a picture of this woman’s breasts on the stream and lots of hilarity and guffaws ensued at this woman’s expense.

After my Shockwave plug-ins crashed for a 2nd time during the show, I thought it was a technical glitch, while John was sure we had been banned from UStream.

Apparently, this mod, had warned us not to show anymore “offensive” material on our stream and by posting the picture of this woman’s breasts, I had gone too far.

We were subsequently banned or suspended (not sure which yet) from our UStream account.

This caused us to scramble and create an account on LiveStream to get us back on the air to finish the show.

Now I know how Opie (from the Opie and Anthony Show on SiriusXM) feels when they get thrown off the air for being “shocking and offensive”

During the second part of the show…

We try and recoup our losses and put our big boy pants back on and get ready for our guest for the evening.

She’s a Penthouse Pet who has been described as “geeky, sexy, redheaded and stacked” and that description still doesn’t do her sexiness justice!


Look out Mary Jane Watson, here comes Veronica Ricci!

We talk to Veronica about her start in the adult industry, being a Penthouse Pet, her love of Star Wars and her transition into B-Horror movies.

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