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It’s our last LIVE show of 2014, but don’t fret!

Our Christmas gift to you is 3 more NEW shows over the

next 3 weeks! Just get them on demand each week on iTunes, Stitcher or

Our first guest is a favorite on the show, not just because she has her own podcast,

NewsWhore over on, but also for her great articles on!

We talk to her about the Sony hacks, pop culture and the erotica she’s writing under a nomme de plume!

Follow her on Twitter: @MandyStadt


Then on the 2nd half, our guest is no stranger to the show, and he’s doing

5 shows in Philadelphia this weekend at Helium Comedy Club!

We talk to him about getting fucked on America’s Got Talent and also the Cosby scandal,

his podcast Fixing Joe, as well as the new show he’s working on with Artie Lange and more…

Follow Joe on Twitter: @TheJoeMatarese



Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

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