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Tonight, we reveal some inner darkness

we talk about the depths of celebrity addiction versus

how it affects regular every day people as well.

Then we dive into some even deeper darker secrets…

one might say, some painful childhood memories?

Definitely don’t skip over the first half of the show!

It’s absolutely a must listen! Don’t miss it! You’ll learn a lot!

On the 2nd half of the show, we chat with a sexy burlesque performer

who will perform Friday, May 20th at HQ New York in NYC as part of

the Hardcore Comedy Show with Alia Janine! It’s a great chance to see

burlesque as it was originally performed, with other talented performers

like comedians on a public stage! We talk about her empowerment of women,

and how she’s helping relationships grow with her talents!

Check out her website: and follow her on Twitter: @EssenceRevealed


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