Tonight your favorite pontificators of podcasting palaver, have a great show for you. We know we say that every week, but this week, we really mean it! This week we welcome back a legend in comedy who was nice enough to stop by for our 200th show back in April of last year, and we’re having him back tonight and couldn’t be more excited! He’s playing the Levoy Theater in Millville, NJ this coming Saturday (1/21) and then if you can’t make that, you can see him at the Prince Theater in Philly next Saturday (1/28).  We talked to Jackie about the Stern Show, his career in comedy, late night television and much more!!!

You can still hear jokes on his Jokeline after 37 years! Just call (516) 922-WINE to hear them!  Or if you’re more inclined to use Twitter, follow Jackie @JackieMartling and look every day for his 420 Joke of the Day which he tweets out at 4:20pm every day!  Also check out his website for his gigs and to sign up for his joke emails, send him a message at!



Then on the second half, we have former Wall Street employee, turned stripper, turned journalist and columnist for the NY Observer who is being pushed as the next phase of a Sex and the City column of an divorced single NYC woman.  She uses her dating life after previously being married, as her fodder for her popular column. It reads like a television show, but it’s her real life experiences and that has both pros and cons. We talk about her column, her dating life, and even her working as a sober coach for people.

Check out Randi’s website: and follow her on Twitter: @WorldOfRandi and you can also read her column at


Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

Or save the audio to your computer by “Right Click, Save As” on this link!

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