Archive for March 17, 2016

Tonight’s show is a great show. Two guys who are fan favorites

and we love having them on the show. It’s a testosterone filled

show, full of guy stuff and guy talk!

First up, we’ve got a guy who has been integral in

helping build The Radio Freaks and not to

mention has always been incredibly nice to us.

He’s at Helium again this week for 6 shows starting

tomorrow night.  Plus he’s in post production on another

season of History’s channel’s hit US version of “Top Gear”…

Check out his website: and follow him on Twitter: @AdamFerrara


On the second half of the show, we talk to our

pal about the under-appreciated male adult star in the porn

industry. He just signed with and

we talk about the many different amazing women

he’s gotten to fuck at his job, all the time.

It amazes us that he gets to go to work and have sex

with some of the hottest women on the planet.

We also talk about the types of women we like to fuck in our

personal lives when we’re not working.

Check out his Instagram: and follow him on Twitter: @FlashBrownXXX


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