On this week’s show, we celebrate of our own!

She’s been in the adult film industry for 25 years

as a publicist, not as a performer. But sometimes,

that can be more exhausting than being a performer!

She plays house mom to a lot of her clients in the industry

and tomorrow night we celebrate her time in porn.

Headquarters Gentlemen’s Club in NYC is where we’ll be tomorrow

and you can join us!

Check out their website: HQNewYork.com and follow them on Twitter: @HQNYC

And follow her on Twitter: @MissLainie


On the second half of the show

we talk about metal from the 70’s and 80’s,

as well as the fantasy, sci-fi and comic book genres,

and how much she loves her dark side.  We love it too!

You can check out a new fantasy photo spread

she did in Heavy Metal Magazine online! We highly

recommend it! It’s smokin hot!

Check the spread out at: HeavyMetal.com and follow her on Twitter: @Gia_Nova


Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

Or save the audio to your computer by “Right Click, Save As” on this link!


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