On tonight’s Best Of 2015 – Part 1,

we revisit 4 interviews that really stood out this year:

Lainie Speiser – we talked about the future of porn and Playboy removing nude women from their magazines

Ari Shaffir – we talked about ShroomFest and why Brian is too chicken shit to try mushrooms

The Rev. Bob Levy – we talked about doing the type of radio you like, and the listeners will follow


Angela Sommers – we talked about the Charlie Sheen and James Deen scandals and their impact on culture.

Follow Lainie on Twitter at (@MissLainie), Follow Ari on Twitter at (@AriShaffir), Follow Bob on Twitter at (@RevBobLevy)

and Follow Angela on Twitter at (@RealAngSommers)

BEST OF 2015 – Part 1

Did you miss part of the show?  Listen below!! Or download us on iTunes by clicking HERE

Or save the audio to your computer by “Right Click, Save As” on this link!


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