As we approach the holiday season, we bring you a very special show on a very special night with very special guests……cause we’re special like that (in a short bus kinda way)!!

Kicking off the special Tuesday edition of 

It’s the night of stars!!!

You voted him as the #6th most wanted Radio Freaks guest….AND WE DELIVER!!!

Kicking off this episode…

From a little show on the FX Network called


We’ll talk to Adam about the final season of “Rescue Me” on FX, his upcoming show on The History Channel called “Top Gear” with Rutledge Wood, an automotive and racing analyst and professional racing driver, Tanner Foust, and growing up with the Cumia Family!

We’ll also talk to him about his ONE SHOW ONLY gig at The Stress Factory on Wednesday night, Nov 24th @ 8:00pm!!

If you’d like to catch Adam’s ONE SHOW ONLY appearance at The Stress Factory, you can get tickets at The Stress Factory website or call (732) 545-HAHA!!
For more information on Top Gear, you can go to

Adam’s website:

To follow Adam on Twitter:

As if that weren’t enough, we’ve got MORE FOR YOU!!!

Also confirmed to appear on this special episode, is someone you voted #2 most wanted guest to hear on the Radio Freaks…

From the FX Network show


We’ll talk to Nick about being a regular on FX Network’s “Louie”, his time doing terrestrial radio, what it’s like to do a Comedy Central Roast, his upcoming CD/DVD due out in 2011, and his gigs this weekend at The Stress Factory!

Nick will be appearing at The Stress Factory this weekend for 4 shows: Friday and Saturday, November 26th & 27th, 8:00 & 10:30 both nights!!

For tickets to see Nick this weekend, go to The Stress Factory website or call (732) 545-HAHA!!

Visit Nick’s website at

Follow Nick on Twitter:

If you missed this show, you  missed a good one!!  But good news!!  You can hear it below!

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!



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