Coming on this week’s sinful exploits….

From Comedy Central Presents, Last Comic Standing, The Howard Stern Show…

and hailing from Cherry Hill, NJ….


We’ll be talking to Joe fresh off his appearance last week at the Cringe Humor Roast of Jim Florentine at Comix in NYC to benefit the children of Greg Giraldo.

Joe will be promoting his appearances at everyone’s favorite NJ venue for comedy….

Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory!

He’ll be doing 5 shows from Thu, Nov. 11 – Sat, Nov. 13

For tickets go to the Stress Factory website or call (732) 545-HAHA

We’ll also talk to Joe about HIS radio show/podcast that he does with comedian Danny Lubel, which can be heard every Thursday from Noon to 1pm on and 87.9 WBMB in NYC!

We’ll also be talking about some news topics and have some other inane shit for your enjoyment!

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!


Tune in for the LIVE SHOW every Wednesday at 9pm ET!!!

on and!!

  1. me says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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