While the Yankees, Phillies, Rangers and Giants all battle for October baseball supremacy, we battle to bring you another week of radio mediocrity!

With John still in Florida, Brian invites “Ellis from Philly” to sit in on the show as co-host this week.  Since Ellis and Brian are in the same area, this is the first Radio Freaks episode where the co-hosts are broadcasting from the same place!  That’s right, the infamous BPSRadio Studios in the suburbs of Philthydelphia.

On this week’s shitstorm:

from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”, we talk to Philadelphia native, and the “unbelievably famous”,


Doogie called in quickly while doing an MC spot at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia and talked with Brian and Ellis about how AGT did nothing for his comedy career, travelling as a comic, The Ministry of Secret Jokes and his new book due out this month, “Everything Explained Through Flowcharts”.

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!

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Thanks for listening to The Radio Freaks!!

  1. suchmaschine says:

    Hi, for some reason when I place your feed into google reader, it won?t work. Can you give me the RSS link just to be sure I?m using the most appropriate one?

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