Mother Nature has bitch slapped us right from Summer to Winter this week
and it’s time again for another edition of The Radio Freaks!

On tonight’s cluster fuck……

He had so much fun last week, that HE asked US if he could come back again this week!


Robert will be joining us for a second week in a row!! Robert always enjoys visiting with us and had such a good time last week, that he forgot to plug his upcoming appearance on “Comics Anonymous” this Saturday (10/9/10) at 1:00 am on Comedy Central with Jim Norton (Opie & Anthony, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) Rich Vos (Opie & Anthony, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing) and Mike DeStefano (Comedy Central, NBC’s Last Comic Standing)! So he’s coming back to handle that and shoot the shit some more with us and our callers.

If you missed his appearance last week, here’s your chance to catch him again on The Radio Freaks!! We had lots of calls to the show for him last week and hopefully we’ll get more this week!

Join us at or if you’re having problems with that feed, catch us at at 9pm ET!!

If you missed the show, you can listen to it below!

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!


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