Well, another week has come upon us (insert ejaculation jokes here) and it’s time again for another edition of The Radio Freaks!

On tonight’s abomination, we were joined by the Ghost of Guests Past…..

That’s right, none other than friend of the show and very funny comedian, Robert Kelly!

Robert joined us on tonight’s show to plug his upcoming gigs at The Stress Factory in New Jersey this weekend, as well as shooting the shit with us and our callers about addiction, the comedy scene, his favorite clubs, and the untimely passing of comedian and friend, Greg Giraldo.

To see Robert this weekend at The Stress Factory in New Brunswick, NJ, call 732-545-HAHA or visit http://www.stressfactory.com to get tickets!

Also visit Robert’s website http://www.robertkellylive.com for more info and dates on where he’ll be next!

You can listen to the replay below and join us at http://www.radiofreaks.tv/ or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/theradiofreaks at 9pm ET every Wednesday night for the show!

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!


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