Episode #9 – The Radio Freaks and the Last Crusade

Posted: September 22, 2010 in RadioFreakcasts

On the show tonight we welcome Steve from BUIRadio who joins the us as third mic for a couple of shows while his show is on hiatus.

He’s eager to get back in front of a mic and no one ever knows what he’s gonna say once he’s there so this should be a good show!

On the menu of shit for tonight:

  • John brings his girl some “feminine hygenie products”
  • Living in the big city and masturbation on the train
  • Living in the North vs. living in the South
  • In a follow up on last week’s story – Stupid hole, Bethanny Storro, is now in serious legal trouble after faking acid attack!
  • Dumb whore in Ohio indicted in dragging death after strip show goes wrong!
  • Dancing With The Stars tell celeb that the puns for his name AND his performance was “Hoff-ful” and kicks him off the show!
  • Van carrying 30 kids plunges into Pakistan river!  Hilarity ensues
  • Japan denies Paris Hilton entry! They’re still pissed about Hiroshima!
  • DC Fireman in hot water over nude cooking! He’s pissed cause he burnt his weenies!

and finally….

  • A perv in Philly decides to entertain two youngsters by sticking his penis into a plastic dinosaur!

All this and more on tonight’s shitstorm!  Check it out!

Wednesdays, 9pm EST on http://www.radiofreaks.tv right after HippoJuice at 7pm!

Call into the show and comment at 706-526-4277!

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!


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