On tonight’s misanthropic tales:
  • Bruce Campbell to appear at the NY ComicCon
  • Problems with the UStream viewer on our webpage (http://www.radiofreaks.tv)
  • Brian has the chicken pox for the 2nd time in his life
  • Opie and Anthony Show to play “Listener Request Worst Of” Show on vacation
  • John finalizes his vacation plans for Disney/Universal with the help of the HippoJuice folks
  • James J. Lee takes hostages at The Discovery Channel Headquarters
  • Brian has a flashback to his EP days for NoFate & Razor while trying to play a video
  • 2 year old survives stare down with Bengal Tiger at Miami animal park
  • Attacker walks up and throws acid in girl’s face in Oregon
  • Tow truck driver in California charged with hit and run murder of toddlers in a stroller
  • Man sparks 25 acre golf course blaze by hitting his golf club on a rock in the rough

Or save the audio to your computer by Right Click, Save As on this link!


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